? (excusemesenator) wrote,

Hi again.

So I finally have my own steady stream of internets going on, and that's great.
I wasn't going to say much besides that, but looking at various Flickr accounts has rekindled my passionate hatred for about 80 or 90 percent of photography majors.

"OOOHH LOOK AT MEEEEE I just took some pictures of myself NAKED because I want to feel sexually liberated/I'm an attention whore but I'm too classy to be in a porno. Oohh and now I took a picture of my cute boyfriend/girlfriend... naked! Oohh we're so DARING for ART. Wow hey I just took some pictures with a FISH-EYE LENS. Isn't that CRAZY? I took a picture of a MAN in WOMEN'S CLOTHES isn't that just so ARTISTIC and SILLY?? Aren't men who wear dresses just SO SILLY? Now I'm going to dress up my friends like Alice in Wonderland characters and take craaazy pictures of them because if there's one motif that hasn't been done to death it's Alice in fucking Wonderland. I have to make sure to use either a really new and expensive camera or a really old/shitty camera because it's not composition and imagination that determines the worth of a photograph, it's what kind of film it's printed on!"

Honestly, fuck off.
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