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David Essman said that a public figure dying is like a snow day for bad editorial cartoonists. If this is true (and it is) then I guess widely-covered disasters are half days. Any time a celebrity dies, I prepare myself for an onslaught of bad to awful tributes full of crying inanimate objects and the same shitty joke set at the Pearly Gates repeated endlessly. So now, after the shocking death of a man with cancer, let's dive right in...

This is the laziest, most pathetic excuse for an editorial cartoon I have ever seen.

No wait, I lied.
This is.

No, wait, THIS is.
It took a whole, what, 40 seconds to put together in MS Paint?


At least this guy bothered to draw the logo himself.
Too bad that doesn't excuse how completely awful this is.
That second panel should be relabeled "Life with Mao" or "Life with Hitler"

OH GOOD, the Curlz font! Were Papyrus and Comic Sans too formal for a fucking memorial tribute?

I want to blast this one, but what if he's really crying about the deaths of Fred Shuttlesworth and Derrick Bell?

At least this guy bothered to put in a little effort, even though someone else will probably-

Yup... Well, at least they didn't just screenshot the Apple homepage and paste it over a drawing in Photoshop.

Oh, for fuck's sake.
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