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Just when it got worse, it got horrible again.

A half-hearted typhoon in a teacup

25 June 1985
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, 1984, 4815162342, ?, a clockwork orange, abandoned buildings, abstract thought, acting, activism, adult swim, alice in wonderland, american history x, amélie, andrew bird, andy warhol, animal collective, aphex twin, arrested development, art, atheism, australia, belle & sebastian, big cities, bjork, björk, black and white photography, boards of canada, bob dobbs, books, brilliance, cars, church of the subgenius, cinematography, classic propaganda posters, comedy, comics, creativity, darren aronofsky, debate, drawing, dreaming, dresden dolls, driving around, elliott smith, explosions in the sky, expressing yourself, fake french, feminism, fight club, free speech, free things, george orwell, godspeed you! black emperor, good movies, grammar, her space holiday, history, human rights, humanism, humor, indie rock, intelligence, journalism, kill rock stars, knowing what i'm doing, late nights, laughing, liberalism, liberals, life, literature, max richter, meeting people, melting things, metric, modest mouse, ms paint, museums, music, múm, nature, neutral milk hotel, non-sequiturs, not sleeping, of montreal, okkervil river, old things, originality, oscar wilde, painting, patrick wolf, people watching, philosophy, photography, photojournalism, photoshop, pissing people off, poetry, political cartoons, political satire, politics, puddle hopping, punk rock, radiohead, reading, record shops, records, regina spektor, salinger, sarcasm, satire, sausage festival, semicolons, setting things on fire, severe weather, sigur rós, singing, social justice, sonic youth, spontinaity, stand-up comedy, stealing signs, stephen colbert, string quartets, subgenius, summer, surrealist art, swearing, the album leaf, the avalanches, the beatles, the books, the decemberists, the moldy peaches, the ocean, the postal service, the velvet underground, the world, this modern world, thomas nast, thrift stores, tomlab, warm weather, why?, writing, writing letters, yann tiersen, ytmnd, zardoz, zeppelin armadas